Official Raid Pyrenean - traditional route

720 km, 18 cols, 100 hrs riding (6 nights)

Coast to coast through the Spanish Pyrenees

850 km, 19 cols, 5 days riding (6 nights)

Right round the Pyrenees, 1565 km,  37 cols,

10 days riding, one rest day (12 nights)

Tell us what you want to do and we'll organise - you just have to turn up and ride.


Raid Pyrenean but at a more leisurely pace

736 km, 19 cols, 6 days riding (7 nights)

Bike Alive


Spanish Raid but at a more leisurely pace

850 km, 19 cols, 6 days riding (7 nights)

2014 DATES

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The best that the Pyrenees has to offer, plus Ventoux and the Alps (8 nights)


Based in the Ariège in France (otherwise known as Cycling Heaven), Bike Alive offers a range of challenging holidays to cyclists with a moderate to high level of fitness.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, our level of service and our client focus.  We're a small organisation and have been running events since 2009 in the French and Spanish Pyrenees.  With a wealth of cycling and organisational experience, plus a strong customer service record, we're confident we can make your holiday something special.  

Because we're not just tour organisers, like many of our competitors; Derek (the boss) is passionate about cycling, and having completed all our events himself on numerous occasions (including the Raid Pyrenean a mere eight times so far), he knows exactly what it takes to be successful and what we need to do to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable holiday and go home feeling happy that you've achieved something worthwhile. When the going gets tough, at least you know that the person giving you advice has actually been in the same situation himself on many an occasion and he knows what he's talking about and exactly how you're feeling.


Because we know how how valuable your leisure time is and we work hard so you can have a great experience, without having to worry about anything except riding your bike and getting up that next climb.  


Because we go that extra mile to offer a very high level of personal service and commitment with a high ratio of staff to riders, to ensure that we exceed your expectations day after day.  


Because, whatever your level of ability, we want you to get the best out of your chosen event, and we'll do everything we can to make sure you achieve your goal.


Because we have different packages to suit different people - standard events, where we supply all the serious stuff (hotels, breakfasts, evening meals, etc), but you have the freedom to stop wherever you like to buy lunch, drinks and snacks during the day; or our all-inclusive events, where you just have to turn up with your bike and your kit, and we look after everything else.  


Or perhaps just because we love what we do and we think that shows in our performance.  The day this becomes just a job is the day we all give up and go off and do something entirely different and far less stressful!


Jersey Urquhart